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Interface Engineering Site Updates


Interface Engineering Website Updates 



The Interface Engineering website needed updates to its user experience. The client specifically asked for updates and modernizing to the homepage, new options for handling the menu, updates to the search design, and new templates for a few of the interior pages.




A few key components of improving the experience of the site included: building out and simplifying the main navigation on desktop, subtly labeling sections, clarifying the company’s purpose and logo, and cleaning up type styles to help with legibility and hierarchy of content.

Projects 2.png


Responsive layout considerations included a clearly labeled menu, quick access to the company’s work, and simplified, stacked content.

Projects 3.png



Interior Pages

Improvements to the home page and navigation were carried over to interior pages. Mock-ups below show how the main interiors were re-imagined with updates to layout, styling and structure.

Projects 4.png